::About Intuitive Painting::

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::About Intuitive Painting::

Intuitive painting is the merging of art and spirituality, through painting you can connect with your own soul and creator. Intuitive painting can be used as a tool of self discovery, helping to understand the self through colour and form; to find our soul connection and connect to the ultimate creative life force.

Some of the techniques used are layer upon layer painting (also known as veil painting) which is based on the Rudolf Steiner philosophy of a multi-layered three dimensional expression of self.

We all get out of balance from time to time and intuitive painting techniques help people to recognise and develop their own creativity, bring balance and harmony into their lives. Colour is an important element in this.

::About Anneke::

Anneke Kuiper was educated at the Rudolf Steiner school in the Hague, where her father was a teacher, before attending art college. She has run a practice for many years using therapeutic massage, Indian head massage, reflexology and counselling. She has strong psychic and healing abilities which have helped her in this. She is a Reiki Master and teacher of the Reiki healing method. She teaches people how to develop themselves through painting and runs a busy art therapy class and monthly workshops in Hertfordshire.







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